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Deer Lake East
Early Years Care & Learning

(Formerly Deer Lake East Preschool)
7837 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC

We invite you to experience our philosophy to learn more about us in terms of how we working with young children. Also, you are able to get to know our educators and have a glance of our classroom setting by clicking the following options.

 For registration, please email us at or call us at 778-554-4192.  


Registration checklist:

  • Intake Form

  • Parent Agreement

  • A copy of immunization record

  • Deposit (Half of the monthly fee, non-refundable, this will be applied in the last monthly fee. )

  • Post-dated cheques 

At Deer Lake East, we offer morning and afternoon classes:

Morning classes - Monday to Friday

at 9am to 12pm.

Afternoon classes - Monday to Thursday

at 1pm to 4pm.

**Both classes accept part-time enrolment with the minimum of 2 days per week.

**Starting in January 2023,  this location offers full-day classes on Monday to Thursday.  Email for inquiries.  

For  children aged 3 to 5

9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm classes

Program Fees:

Program Fees     CCFRI Savings       Family Portion

5 Days     600                272.5                         327.5

4 Days     480                218                             262

3 Days     360                163.5                          196.5

2 Days     240                109                             131

**For part-time registration for 2 or 3 days morning classes, enrollment must be included a Monday or Friday.  

For  children aged 3 to 5

9am to 4pm full-day classes

Program Fees:

Program Fees            CCFRI Savings       Family Portion

All days 1080                    490.5                          589.5

4 Days     960                     436                             524

3 Days     720                     327                             393

2 Days     480                     218                             262

*All days - 5 morning & 4 afternoon classes

**For part-time registration for 2 or 3 days, please beware enrollment must be included a Monday or Friday.  

Want to know more about the benefit?  Click on the button above, you will be able to find more information from this government website.  We are happy to assist families to apply as required once you have complete your registration with us. 


Do you go outside when it's raining?


We do! We value the outdoor play and exploration in all weather as long as it is safe.  We ask family to provide proper gear, eg. winter gear, muddy buddy and change of clothes to be kept at the center. We are happy to support children to change when their clothing gets we. 

If there is extreme weather in place, we have our spacious cubby room for children to use their big muscles with our gross motor equipments, such as:  trampoline, balancing beam, scooters and obstacle course, etc.


Does the center provide snack?


We believe families know the best of their children's diet.  For snacks, the center provides grain and protein as families contribute with 2 child - serving of chopped-up fruit or veggies. The educators collect the containers and serve in the morning and afternoon a balanced snack to all children. Please notice our center is nut-free zone.  **Due to the current health concerns, sharing snack is suspended until further notice.


What is the educator and children ratio? how many children do you have?


Our capacity for each day is 18. According to the licensing regulation, for preschool program, the ratio is 1:8.  As we are inclusive program, having children who need extra support also would means having more educators on floor.  


What are the qualifications do your staff team have?


 All our educators are certified to work in the field with their full license and committed to continued professional development. 


What is your guiding and caring approach?


At Deer Lake East Preschool, we feel strongly that the most important things educator can do to support children's behaviour is to build strong, trusting, meaningful relationships and set up both a physical and emotional environment that focuses on children's success. When these things are established, children will be able to learn and practice social and emotional skills through both natural and deliberate teaching methods. we follow a pro-social approach to guiding and caring. We view challenging behaviour as an opportunity to teach.  When we see a child struggle in a social situation, we try to determine the missing skill.  We break that skills down into teachable steps and then find interactive ways to teach the skill  with positive language to individual or the whole group.  We then find many ways for children to practice the skill. 

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