Full-Day Program Educators



Samantha started to work with families and children in Burnaby since 2005, as she operated her own registered-licensed-not-required family day care.  She has discovered her passion in the field and was inspired by her local community vocational program that she took the step further to study and learn and become an early childhood educator. She is grateful to work along side the amazing team at Deer Lake Preschool and feel fortunate to be part of the team. Her hope is the families and children who joining at the Deer Lake community would establish a sense of belonging, which would nurture the growth for each of the children and support them to thrive confidently around their worlds. 


Jana first came to know Deer Lake Childcare when she did her practicum in the summer of 2017. After building a relationship with the children, educators, and the environment, she came to realize she was meant to stay here. Jana joined the team after her practicum and has been guiding and caring for the children since. Jana loves being outside with the children, exploring the lake and forest areas that surround the childcare centre. Previously, Jana’s interest in social work inspired her to focus her work on educating children. After moving to Canada, she continued in this direction and felt inspired with how inclusive the early childhood education field is. She spent many years working with children of various ages, mostly in home settings, before starting her ECE schooling. Jana has been an Early Childhood Educator (including IT and SN qualifications) for 4 years now. Jana’s goal is to create and maintain strong and caring relationships with all children in the program, and to support both programs to best of her abilities. Jana strongly believes each child is unique and it’s an educator’s responsibility to help them flourish.  


Karen started in the field of education over 10 years ago when she went to Japan to teach English to elementary school age and kindergarten children. Even though this was a big change from the tourism field in which she started, she quickly realized that working with young children was invigorating and such a rewarding field to be in. After teaching in Japan and travelling around, Karen returned to Vancouver in 2018 and began her studies in Early Childhood Education. Having grown up and playing outdoors as a child, Karen values the time that is spent outdoors because children learn so much from playing.



Judy started working as an Early Childhood Educator in 1983. Since that time she has had many wonderful opportunities in this field and has worked with children from 0 - 19yrs.

Along with many years of working on the floor with the children, she has had the opportunity to work in the role of consultant to child care settings and families, managing child care facilities and teaching Early Childhood Education at the college level. It has always been her dream to be able to support children and families in her own preschool and she was thrilled when this came to be in September 2011.

As the Manager of Deer Lake Daycare, she feels so honored to have a staff team that is committed to providing a quality preschool program.  We are proud to offer an inclusive, play based setting where we work hard to instill a love and an excitement of learning. In order to reach that goal we encourage and support children to learn to investigate, create and take appropriate risks in and outside of our classroom.




Nicole started her ECE journey in 2013 after starting a family of her own.  She believes that all children are capable and should have an opportunity to be in an environment that allows them to grow, explore and learn in their own way.  Our natural environment provides a space to connect and learn and Nicole feels that it is an important part of all children’s learning and that the outdoor classroom provides just as many opportunities for children as the indoor class does.  As an ECE Nicole hopes to provide a space that is warm, welcoming, engaging and inclusive to all learners! She completed her full license in 2016 and since then has focused on her own practice and skills in the classroom; she is ready to continue learning herself and will hopefully be pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education.

In her free time Nicole enjoys hiking and exploring the local lakes and beaches with her family and dog.  Reading and traveling are a close second!


Yeonny started her journey with DLLC since 2018. Before she joined DLCC, she had worked with various age groups of young children, especially with school aged children. Yeonny has a background of social & child studies from her home country Korea. When she moved to Canada in 2016, she studied early childhood education to refresh her knowledge about the field.

Yeonny believes learning happens when children have strong relationships with educators and people around themselves. She focuses on building meaningful relationships with children.

Before Yeonny came to Canada, she had wandered around the world working as an airline staff. When she is not at work, she enjoys physical activities such as kickboxing, and aerial yoga.


Elizabeth Svetic graduated from the Burnaby School District Community and Continuing Education, Early Childcare Education program in June of 2016. Her experience with children commenced while growing up, as the oldest of three children she helped take care of her younger siblings. Currently married with three children of her own, she provided at home before/after school care for several years, while raising her children. She also enjoyed a year as a Behaviour Interventionist and has worked in the childcare field for 6 plus years. She has been part of the Deer Lake Childcare team since 2015 and enjoys learning something new every day.  

In her spare time, she enjoys watching and cheering for her children in their sporting events and all their adventures. She also enjoys scrapbooking, reading and spending any time with my family. 

She believes in creating an environment that invites all children to explore. She also promotes building relationships with children, as this is the foundation for all types of learning. Being able to learn along with the children makes each day a rewarding experience.


Natalie joined the Deer Lake Childcare team in 2017. Previously, her commitment to the childcare field began in 2008, and since then she has worked in different settings with children ages 1-12. Natalie found her passion working with children ages 3-5 when she joined Burnaby Continuing Education, graduating the program in 2017 to become an early childhood educator. In the few years that followed, she finished her diploma in inclusive practice and is finishing her infant toddler diploma. One of Natalie’s favourite things about working for this team is having the opportunity to build relationships with children in an environment that is inclusive, and focuses a lot of the learning in nature. Exploring the Deer Lake community, and responding to the children’s interests in the outdoor environment, is where Natalie finds some of her inspiration as an educator. Her hope is for every child and their family to feel safe and welcomed, and to feel comfortable in growing together and learning alongside one another.   



Jane started working at Deer Lake Preschool as an ECE substitute teacher in 2018. Prior to that, she volunteered in a children's ministry for many years in Hong Kong. When she moved back to Vancouver in 2016, she decided to enroll in a formal ECE program to grow her knowledge and skills.

She believes that every child is unique and, as an educator, she tries to tailor her work to each individual child as much as possible. She also believes that a child's environment has a direct influence on his/her motivation to learn, which is why she tries to create a supportive and inclusive environment in which each child can feel special and appreciated.

Rome’s ECE journey started during her volunteering years with the drop-in and preschool programs here in Burnaby. She realized early on that being with children has always been her passion. She was soon then hired as a preschool program leader in 2018 where she also had the opportunity to work with school age children. That same year, she joined the Early Childhood Education program and is currently finishing her Post Basic ECE Diploma.

She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from her home country and strongly believes that relationships are the core of our work as educators. Music is a great part of her interaction with the children! Her hope is to establish meaningful connections with the children and their families, to learn about them, their stories, and culture. It is valuable for her to create an environment where all children are accepted and valued for.

During her spare time, she enjoys exploring different restaurants and cuisines, hip hop dancing, and running.