Deer Lake Preschool Full-Day Program

opens at 7:30am and closes at 5:30pm

5135 Sperling Ave. Burnaby, BC

Full-day program fees:

For children who are 3 to 5 year-old:

      Full fee / Government program / Parent Portion

2 days    $420               $40                                 $380

3 days    $620               $60                                 $560

4 days    $758               $80                                 $678

5 days    $930               $100                               $830

For children who are 30 to 35 months:

      Full fee / Government Program / Parent Portion

2 days   $420                  $140                            $280

3 days   $620                  $210                            $410

4 days   $758                  $280                            $478

5 days   $930                  $350                            $580

**For part-time registration for 2 or 3 days, please beware enrollment must be included a Monday or Friday.  



Do you go outside when it's raining?

We do! We value the outdoor play and exploration in wet and dry.  We ask family to provide proper gear, eg. muddy buddy and change of clothes to be kept at the center. We are happy to support children to change when their clothing gets we. 

If there is extreme weather in place, we have our spacious cubby room for children to use their big muscles with our gross motor equipments, such as:  trampoline, balancing beam, scooters and obstacle course, etc.



Do you provide lunch and / or snack?

Family provides lunch. We believe families know the best of their children's diet.  For snacks, the center provides grain and protein as families contribute with 2 child - serving of chopped-up fruit or veggies. The educators collect the containers and serve in the morning and afternoon a balanced snack to all children. *Please notice our center is nut-free zone*



How long is the wait list?  When and how do I be notified when a spot is available?

We currently have an extended long wait list.  September usually is our big turn over as a group of children transitioning to kindergarten.  Also if family moving away, a spot would become available. We usually let families know as much as possible, eg, Feb we would fill up the spots for September as we know how many children will be going to Kindergarten.  Otherwise at least a months prior the start day. 



What is the educator and children ratio? how many children do you have?

Our enrollment capacity for each day is 24. According to the licensing regulation, for age 3-5 programs, the ratio is 1:8.  As we are inclusive program, having children who need extra support also would mean having more educators on floor, usually the ratio is between 1:6 - 8. 



What are the qualifications do your staff team have?

 All our educators are certified to work in the field with their full license and committed to continued professional development. 



What is your guiding and caring approach?

At Deer Lake Child Care, we feel strongly that the most important things educator can do to support children's behaviour is to build strong, trusting, meaningful relationships and set up both a physical and emotional environment that focuses on children's success. When these things are established, children will be able to learn and practice social and emotional skills through both natural and deliberate teaching methods. we follow a pro-social approach to guiding and caring. We view challenging behaviour as an opportunity to teach.  When we see a child struggle in a social situation, we try to determine the missing skill.  We break that skills down into teachable steps and then find interactive ways to teach the skill  with positive language to individual or the whole group.  We then find many ways for children to practice the skill. 


Family Orientation is held monthly for families who are interested to enroll their child into our program. It is a group tour at our full-day program site.  Families are welcome to put their children on our wait list after the family orientation and we will contact the families once we have spaces available. Please email us at or call us at 604-294-4988, if you would like to come for the tour. Full-day program orientation is held at 5135 Sperling Ave. in Burnaby.

In response to the Covid-19 situation, we would like to keep our space as healthy as possible, we have uploaded a virtual family orientation for new families who are interested to learn more about us.  Any in-person visit is postponed till further notice.

Registration checklist:

Intake Form

Parent Agreement

A copy of immunization record

Deposit (Half of the monthly fee)

A set of post-dated cheques for the first six months)

In the time of the current health situation, please see the following protocols for pick-up and drop-off:

Drop Off Procedure

Until further notice we must make every attempt to keep our centre sterile and the best way we know how is to limit who can enter our center.  We will only be allowing staff and children in the main part of daycare therefore drop off will look like the following:


  1. Cubby gate will remain open during drop off time and we ask that you monitor your child and leave the gate open for the next family.

  2. When entering daycare parents will be required to wash hands or sanitized their hands as well as their child’s.  Do not send sanitizer with your child as it is poison 

  3. Family will fill out wellness form and sign with their own pens.  An educator will check and collect the form.

  4.  Child will change into indoor shoes before entering the classroom. 

  5. If you child is not well they are NOT able to stay.

  6. We ask you to say your good-byes at the gate where you will fill out a daily health form.  Educator will open and close the gate.

  7. Please respect the space of other families as they enter.


Pick-Up Procedure


As our days get dark earlier, we have adjusted our pick-up procedure.  For the late afternoon play outside, children will be bringing their belongings if parent put down pick-up time before 4:30pm.

  1.  We ask you to write down an approximate pick-up time on the sign-in sheet that we will have your child(ren) and their items packed up and ready to go when you arrive.

  2.  Pick-up will happen outside before 4:30 pm or by the entry after 4:30 pm.  We ask families to call us at the door when you’re arrived.

  3.  Please be respectful of other families and give space.

  4.  If family notices any of your child’s belongings is not outside at the play yard.  Please notify a staff by calling us at 604-294-4988, and we will have a staff to deliver it.

  5.  With extreme weather, children stay inside the center after snack.  Please call us at 604-294-4988 on your arrival and a staff will send the children and their belongings to families.