New Drop Off Procedure

Until further notice we must make every attempt to keep our centre sterile and the best way we know how is to limit who can enter our center.  We will only be allowing staff and children in the main part of daycare therefore drop off will look like the following:

  1. Cubby gate will remain open during drop off time and we ask that you monitor your child and leave the gate open for the next family.

  2. When entering daycare parents will be required to wash hands or sanitized their hands as well as their child’s.  Do not send sanitizer with your child as it is poison.

  3. Family will fill out wellness form and sign.  An educator will check and collect the form. 

  4. Child will change into indoor shoes before entering the classroom.

  5. If you child is not well they are NOT able to stay.

  6. We ask you to say your good-byes at the gate where you will fill out a daily health form.  Educator will open and close the gate.

  7. Please respect the space of other families as they enter.


New Pick Up Procedure

  1. At 3:45pm we will take all children and their belongings outside.

  2. We ask you to write down an approximate pick-up time on the sign-in sheet that we will have your child(ren) and their items packed up and ready to go when you arrive.

  3. Pick up will happen outside.

  4. Please be respectful of other families and give space.

  5. If family notices any of your child’s belongings is not outside at the play yard.  Please notify a staff, and we will call and have another staff who is cleaning up inside to deliver it.

  6. With extreme weather, children stay inside the center after snack.  Please call us at 604-294-4988 on your arrival and a staff will send the children and their belongings to families.

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